In the battle ring of cameras, Canon faces Nikon once again in a toe to toe comparison between their  popular full frame models. In this article, we look at the features in the new Canon 5DS and Canon 5DS R and compare them with the already in market Nikon D810 Camera. While both are considered an upgrade cameras from their popular predecessors the Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III, the specifics might outline which camera is better full frame camera for you to upgrade to.

Resolution-wise, Canon 5DS takes a whopping resolution of 56.5MP or an image size of 8688×5792 pixels. Nikon D810 offers its best at 36.3MP or an image size of 7360×4912 pixels. In the arena for focus points, Canon has 61 focus points while Nikon D810 produces 52.  It’s important to note that Nikon features 15 cross-focus points at f/8 while Canon has 41 cross-focus points for f/4.

Continuous shooting is important especially for fast movement photography shooting sports or dancing, and Canon offers 14 raw files or 510 jpegs at a five frame per second feature with three in-camera crop shooting modes. Nikon reaches 7 frames per second in the cropped DX format with the image size reaching 15.3MP.

In the category ISO or light sensitivity, Nikon champions it by offering ISO 64 up to ISO 12800. Canon only reaches ISO 100 up to ISO 6400. Using a Dual Digit 6 for its image processing, Canon also lags behind Nikon that boasts of four processing engines.

Video-wise, Nikon takes pride of its slow-motion 60fps in full HD. Canon offers shooting at 1080p at 30fps. Battery life is critical especially when shooting outdoors, and Nikon offers an extended version even when live mode is used.

When it comes to weight, Canon 5DS is lighter and more weather-resistant. Nikon D810 is 35 grams heavier (880g), but offers a higher resolution rear screen.

Depending on the key features you want to buy camera, Nikon D810 and Canon 5DS and 5DS R are worthy contenders for casual and serious photographers alike.

On a budget? Trade in a used camera you have that’s outdated and treat yourself to an upgrade. Happy shooting!

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