3 Top Reasons why you should buy a Used DSLR Camera

buy used nikon d800

Been thinking about starting photography as a new hobby? Or maybe photography has been a passion of yours for the past few years now. and are looking to upgrade your kit. Either way you are excited about the great images you could take and can’t wait to get your hands on that Digital camera….

Before you do though…… ‘Tut Tut’…..Here are the top 3 reasons why you should buy a used DSLR camera over a new model


Let’s face it as hobbies go; photography is one of the more expensive ones; initial investment is very high, with enthusiast often having to spend hundreds of pounds on a digital cameras as well as £££ more on the various lenses, depending on what type of photography you are in to.
Unless you happen to be a rich russian oligarch or one of the cast members from ‘the only way is chelsea’ buying a new camera is a lot like buying a new car….a very bad financial decision!! and the reasons are predominantly the same; 1. you will pay a heck of a lot more for the same model and 2. that camera with depreciate in value from the moment you take your first click.

At SO Cameras we sell top quality, technician checked used cameras for a fraction of the price you would pay for a new camera.
And if you buy from our ‘MINT’ Condition range (No Signs of use) you won’t even be able to tell the difference between our cameras and a brand new model.

SO Cameras also provides 6-12 months warranty on all our used photography equipment, so you get the same level of cover and peace of mind as you would from a standard Nikon or Canon Camera manufacturers warranty.

Here’s an example:


A New Nikon D800 Camera Body would cost you a whopping £1849!! On the other hand a Mint condition, boxed, used D800 camera body (Pictured above) from SO CAMERAS would cost you £1280. Thats an outstanding saving of over £530. Do you know what you could buy with £530 ?? An extra couple of lenses for your ‘mint, second hand camera for starters, with change left over for SD cards and a case to boot. No brainer really…wouldnt you say?


Unlike many high street retailers, SO Cameras will put the value of any old equipment you have towards your new upgraded second hand camera; saving you time and effort and upgrading your camera equipment in record time


Whether buying from our range of top quality used cameras online; or part exchanging/upgrading buying from an online photography retailer like SO Cameras means the process couldn’t be easier.

Nikon D3

The Nikon D3 is a very easy camera to use and has a full frame sensor and 12.1 MP which is quite good.

I took this camera out with the 55-200mm lens on a sunny day and the images turned out really clear; there was no sun gazes in them. I don’t normally use Nikon but I found this easy to use. The grips are good so it is easy to hold photographing portraits or landscapes. I would say that the best mode on this camera is Auto as on some cameras when it is on auto, the lighting is quite dark, but on the D3 they are bright and clear. The only thing I would say is that when on manual mode, it is quite hard to change the settings quickly, but this could be because I am not used to Nikon cameras.