Need Some New DSLR Camera Equipment?

As your photography develops you most its likely that the there will come a day where you might.

Maybe you are upgrading from a crop sensor to a full frame camera or maybe just switching from Nikon to Canon or maybe moving to a lighter weight mirror less format that is becoming increasingly popular.

In any case one question to ask yourself is whether you want to buy new or used digital photography equipment. There are many things to consider when choosing whether to invest in second hand or brand new DSLR camera equipment.

We put together this guide ; giving you a few of the major pros & cons:




**Please note that most of  the cons given mostly relate to buying second hand equipment from private buyers or on ebay /gumtree etc and do not come into play when purchasing quality used cameras and lenses from a second hand camera shop like SO Cameras; where all our equipment has been highly checked and serviced and comes with 6 months used DSLR equipment warranty as standard for your peace of mind


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