What you need to know about buying a used Lens

Photography can be an expensive hobby from the get go, with the initial cost of investment in the equipment; and there comes a time when every photographer looks to expand his arsenal and skills by buying a new lens. Increasingly these days a lot of photographers are choosing to buy used or second hand lenses rather that purchase new. There is nothing wrong with this as, the build quality and durability of many nikon, canon and sigma lenses are so high; you can expect them to last decades. Also by buying a used lens you can be looking at massive savings..sometimes up to 50%. With some new lenses priced in the thousands, the potential saving is nothing to be sniffed at.

Here are a few things we think you should know about buying a used lens from us and how we make the process easier and safer for you:

1. We always check the source of the used lenses we buy:

We always want to make sure that the equipment we buy has not been reported stolen; so we always ask for original receipts or proof of purchase before purchasing any used stock; to ensure you get the safest possible experience when buying a used lens.

2. Warranty Given on all used stock (6-12 months depending on the item)

A major concern photographers have when purchasing a used lens, is the worry that the lens may have something wrong with it, stop working and they will be left out of pocket. At SO Cameras we provide all of our used lenses with at least 6 months warranty; to give buyers that piece of mind that their equipment has been highly tested and they have a good amount of cover period , to get the lens replaced or repaired free of charge should anything go wrong

3. Condition – High Quality

At SO Cameras we test all of our used lenses; putting them through our rigourous 24 point checking systems where we :

– Check for wear and tear
– Light test the optics for Dust and debris
– Aperture Blade Test (For oil and damage)
– Filter thread testing
– Contant points and mount rings
– Zoom Testing
– Focus testing amongst many other

Remember a good lens stays a good lens if properly cared for and maintained, so enjoy finding those great deals on used lenses; there are huge price saving to me made. Just make sure you protect yourself by knowing your glass is coming from a reputable source and that it has been thoroughly checked.

Happy Snapping!!

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